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    Exporting files for use in FCP 7


      I'm working on an animated project right now where I draw individual images in Photoshop, save them as PNGs, and then bring them into AE CS4 as image sequences. I now have a bunch of individual scenes that I want to trim and edit in FCP 7, but I keep having problems trying to open the .mov files in Final Cut. I've been using the Animation codec to maintain quality, but FCP can't seem to open all of the files.


      Oddly, it can import some of these scenes (seemingly at random, I use the same settings for each) but others get the error message: File Error: 1 file(s) recognized, 0 access denied, 1 unknown. I know this question should maybe be posted at an FCP forum, but I was wondering if I would have better results using different settings to export out of AE? Perhaps 10 bit uncompressed or just PNG sequences? There is no sound to worry about as of yet...


      Thanks in advance!