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    CS5: Syncing Multiple Video Takes with Audio/Encoding question?





      I'm new to these boards and have a question regarding an audio syncing/editing problem I've encountered.



      I've recently begun working with an SLR camera after having spent years shooting on a Panasonic DVX-100B. For all of my video projects I've recorded my audio using a Zoom H2 and have synced accordingly (aligning H2 audio with the onboard audio from the DVX and then replacing it). As I tend to shoot numerous takes, what I've done in the past is exported the now synced file as a movie (for example, "Take 1" would now become "Take 1 Synced"). All of the synced takes would then be re-imported and edited with.



      What I'm noticing is when the 1080p HD footage is encoded and re-imported, the footage is now degraded – either choppy or pixilated and altogether useless. I understand that this is obviously because of the encoding process. What I’m wondering is if there is a way to export these files with a codec that will allow them to be re-imported without quality loss?



      If that’s not possible – does anyone know of alternative process of replacing audio recorded with an onboard mic with a different audio source?



      Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.