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    Shortcut keys not functioning?

    Steezy46 Level 1

      Soo... my girlfriend spilled her glass of wine all over my wired keyboard. I unplugged it, dried it off, blow dryed it and let it sit for a lil bit. Once I plugged it back in and was working back in PP none of the keys were working except for the "F" "E" "S" "H" "W" and a couple other of the keys that correspond with the options in the very top left like "file" "edit" "sequence" "help" "window" etc. Nothing else would work.


      For example: when I would press the "f" key instead of "razoring at point" it would open up the "file" drop-down from the top left of the screen.


      So I tried going on the internet and seeing if I would have any luck and when I clicked on one of my bookmarks instead of going to that page it would open up the "Save As" window. Also, if I would click on a link it would automatcially download the target to my downloads folder.


      I uploaded a small video to YouTube showing what happens when a corresponding key is pressed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ws0-ZXCsEYw


      Thank you for any help/suggestions/feedback!