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    what's your preference on structuring a game?

    ThatGamingGuy Level 1

      Recntly I have been looking into structuring games, as I am getting confident with actioncsript 3 so I want to make a 'full' game but there is nothing on the internet on structuring or the UI.


      So to start off my way is:


      I make a Folder (Name it appropriately to the game)


      Then make sub folders (src lib bin)


      in lib I would have external assets like box 2D ect. And the FLA holding all my graphics. And preloader graphics. (Library exported as SWC)


      In bin - the SWF's ect.


      The src folder holds all my classes, so Events, Game and Screens. and two classes outside of these folders - The Main and the Preloader.


      in Game folder - I have all the classes needed for handling the game objects for instance I have a game logic class. (this folder currently holds 10 classes)


      Events folder I only have GameEvent class.


      In the Screens folder I have all my screens classes - GameCompleteScreen, HelpScreen, IntroAnimation,  PauseScreen and StartScreen.


      This screen part is the main thing im interested in, im wondering how other people do this.. As its not the best way i dont think, Im loading all my graphics through these and my FLA in the lib folder.


      Please feel free to share the methods you use to make a game.