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    User Directory Problems

    arfore Level 1
      I have CPS 1.11 installed on Linux and we have user's connecting via Contribute Client 3.11.

      Sometimes when adding a user into a role the user's name is not shown in the Role list after adding. What shows up instead is the uid for that particular user. The user is obviously in the user directory, or we wouldn't be able to add them to a role. In parenthesis next to the uid is the following: "not found in User Directory".

      When I log in to the CPS interface, I can search for that user and they show up as well as being able to authenticate as that user for the test.

      Any ideas?
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          Sudharshan.S Level 1
          What is the value of the Connection timeout that you have specified in the Active Directory settings tab in the CPS admin console. The error what you are seeing is because that CPS is timing out with the Active Directory. Hence try to increase this value in the CPS admin console and see whether the problem occurs again.

          Hope this helps,
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            arfore Level 1

            Thanks for the information. I changed the timeout on the CPS admin console to be 300 seconds (5 minutes) from being 60 seconds. I also added in attributes to the Group Search (without specifying a Branch DN) which immensely speeded up the search time since it no longer executes a wildcard search for a group.

            However none of this seems to affect the problem I am seeing.

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              arfore Level 1
              Okay, new wrinkle. Apparently the change to the timeout fixed half the problem. I have been adding users to rolls that have had no users previously assigned. The newly added users have been showing up correctly.

              So the question remains: how do I repair the broken users?
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                I believe this is related to the "Max search results" variable on the "User Directory" configuration screen.  I had my value set to 5 and after adding 5 user roles, names started to show up as IDs with red slashes through them and a message saying "(Not found in User Directory)".  I increased this number, restarted Contribute and waaalaaa ... fixed.


                Hope this helps some of you.

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                  This problem still exists. TODAY. In 2010.

                  Adobe, WE NEED IT FIXED NOW.

                  No excuses, and don't tell me to call tech support (your automated tech support system automatically hangs up on me with annoying effect--almost half an hour after putting me on hold).

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                    gdl276s Level 1

                    I will be out of the office starting  06/03/2010 and will not return until



                    I will respond to your message when I return.  If it is an emergency,

                    please contact Amit Hans or Thakur Kondasani.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


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