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    Dynamic Link AE clips cause Premiere playback freeze


      Hey guys,


      Just starting off in PP working with RED files and so far I'm loving it!   I had a problem with a dynamic link to an AE comp.  When I would approach that unrendered clip, the project would freeze up.  I could move the playhead, but couldnt move clips or play.   Once I deleted the ae link it worked fine.    Are there some tips for avoiding such behaviour?

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          Fuzzy Barsik Level 4

          There are quite a few.


          Irrespective of dynamically linked AE compositions complexity (assuming you're on CS5.5), PrPro always displays them in yellow.

          Although PrPro is able to play on the fly some simple ones, more complex need rendering preview - i.e. 'Render Entire Work Area', but not just 'Render Efects in Work Area'.


          If you don't have access to 'Render Entire Work Area' option (it's greyed), just e.g. select any clip on the timeline and copy it into clipboard (Ctrl/Cmd+C) - now the access granted!


          If you want to render just your dynamically linked comps but not the rest of the timeline, you may drop extra copies of them somehwere to your timeline tail, slide Work Area accordingly and then choose 'Render Entire Work Area'. PrPro then will also be able to recognised rendered pieces in other places in the rest of the timeline:

          PrPro. Selective Rendering.jpg

          If your dynamically linked comp requires too much time for rendering within PrPro (e.g. more than several minutes), render lossless intermediate out of AE instead and replace the very dynamically linked AE comp in PrPro project with that intermediate.