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    state transition problem. moving a object from bottom to top


      I want to move my logo from bottom to top when the user click "Enter" button


      in default state. I set my logo bottom="20"


      after the user click "enter" button. I want my logo move to top="20"


      But I found the logo didn't have move up transition. It just goto top instantly.


      I thought this is easy task. Would somebody tell me the trick?

      Thanks a lot!!!


      Here is my code:


              <s:State name="homeScreen" />
              <s:State name="contentScreen" />
              <s:Transition toState="contentScreen">
                      <s:Move target="{UIwebLogo}" />


      <local:webLogo id="UIwebLogo" left="50" bottom.homeScreen="20"   top.contentScreen="20"/>