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    iOS CreatePDF

    Jean-Claude Tremblay UGM/MVP

      Using the new iOS CreatePDF app on iPad....


      How can you convert an InDesign document from the iPad? There is no way to get the "Open in CreatePDF" command when selecting a .indd document either in an email or elsewhere on the iPad. Same question about others format like .Ai & .PSD and all mentioned in the announcement.thanks!

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          Kelly-Mc Community Member



          I do believe INDD, psd & ai were to be supported with the CreatePDF for iOS, this is currently being investigated by engineering – and they will push an update with a fix soon.

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            davidblatner ACP

            On another page (http://forums.adobe.com/message/3904202) the prod mgr says clearly that it is supposed to currently support those files. I would hope that would be updated.


            More importantly, though, I just want to say: What the heck is Adobe thinking?! This is a $9.99 app that apparenlty not only doesn't do what the product manager (and itunes store) says it does, but also doesn't appear (from user reviews) to work well at all. But the worst part is that even the product manager says that if you want a good PDF viewer, you should buy one of the third-party apps!


            Umm... hello? Adobe? Remember when you told us that PDF was ubiquitous and that we'd always be able to use Adobe Reader on all major platforms? You released an iOS app that converts word docs to PDF and you don't even let us view PDF files we already have?


            Yes, I know you can't push the Flash player or even the ability to play scripts inside PDFs. But come on, folks! At least give us a decent PDF reader for free, like you do on Linux, Mac OS, adn Windows.

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              Jean-Claude Tremblay UGM/MVP

              I agree with David, it’s time to get a true Adobe Reader adapted for the iPad... and offer more features for CreatePDF for iOS.



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                Kelly-Mc Community Member



                Yes, the post with the FAQs does clearly state that INDD & the other Adobe formats were to be supported, sadly it wasn't working in the final release. An update is on the way.


                As for the very valid Adobe Reader issue I will be getting back to you shortly. There is only so much I can say on a public forum.

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                  Hi Kelly,

                  Im jsut been given an iPad 2 for christmas, whoo hoo!

                  and have been an avid user of Adobe products


                  I have downloaded the reader and it works fine


                  I was about to download the create PDF mobile App from itunes when I came across this forum


                  I was wanting to use the Creat PDF Mobile App for review and mark up of PDF's  - Is this possible?


                  or does it just convert existing documents into a PDF?




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                    Pat Wibbeler techies

                    Hi Paul,

                    Create PDF is intended only to convert many document types from their original format to PDF. Therefore, it does not have any review and markup features. However, many have requested this feature in the Adobe Reader product and while we can't promise that capability we've certainly heard and understood that request.


                    As for the initial InDesign conversion issue - This was addressed in a subsequent release of CreatePDF. Please let us know if you are still experiencing the problem.