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    Sound effects


      Hello again :-)


      After my yesterday's guestion about the black/transparent screen, I'm just trying editing some little movies (going like this much better Bill - thanks!!), but I have a problem with the sounds; I can find only two soudn effects in Premiere Elements 9... Is there any way to put a few songs together into a nice sounding song with some other sound effects?


      Thanks anybody for help and ideas, Thomas

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Unless things have changed, you should have a wonderful program, SmartSound, that ships and installs with PrE. It shouild be directly accessible from the New Icon in the Project Panel. Now, SmartSound allows one to tailor pre-recorded music to match their needs. Only a few pieces from their vast library are included, but there are literally 1000's available from SmartSound. This ARTICLE goes into much more detail, plus lists some additional programs from SmartSound. I use SmartSouond constantly, and have built up a personal library of about 150 of their DVD's.


          For the creation of original music, there are a few options out there. Sony has several audio-creation programs, as does Magix. I have used several of the Magix programs, but never the Sony. I also have Adobe Audition, which uses Loopology to create music from little clips. About 5,000 different Loops come with Audition, and there are sites for many thousands more.


          Then, there are several sites, that have music and SFX, and some are free, though some for a fee. This ARTICLE lists some of those.


          I would explore SmartSound first, since you should have it, and then see the above linked article on other resources.


          Good luck, and happy editing,



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            thomasjv Level 1

            Hello Bill,


            so if I understand it well, then there are only two "sound transitions" (hope I translated that well) available in Elements 9, and if I'd like to make for expample 5 favourite songs somehow together in inbetween some sound effects and transitions, alltogehter to one "song", then I'll need another program like from Sony or Magix? While the SmartSound program is for music if I don't want to put my on songs there, mostly to pruchase?


            Did I make the rigth conclusion? Thanks!!

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              OK, there are very few Audio Transitions, but to get music and SFX to flow, you would just drag them to the Timeline, and in the order that you wish, then either apply one of the Dissolves - I like Constant Power. However, one can do the same thing, by Keyframing the Fixed Effect>Volume, to fade the Audio down, and then up.


              This ARTICLE will give you some tips on that, and there are two places that one can Keyframe Volume.


              As there are few ways to transition Audio, I am not sure what else you are looking for, if not sources of music, or SFX. Can you clarify a bit more?


              Good luck,



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                Thank you for the explanation... I'll try doing it the way you said...