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    No problems yet running ID CS5 in Lion

    Daniel Swanson Level 1

      We just installed Lion a few days ago on both an older iMac 3.06 Dual and a new Thunderbolt BTO i7 and have not experienced any problems.


      On the contrary, Lion seems to like its new homes and seems a little faster and peppier than Snow Leopard.


      We're using Magic Trackpads on both machines and really love the new UI with invisible scroll bars, full screen apps, swiping gestures for page turning, app switching, going in and out of Launch Pad and (what is it called?) Grand Central (something).


      I’ve also been working on a large XML book project and getting corrections back from the editor via marked-up PDFs, and I've but ID and Reader together in their own Space. Nice and convenient switching back and forth between apps.


      I hope Adobe decides to support some of Lion's features.