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    Hide Subform Instance in Dynamic Table


      I have two dynamic forms with dynamic tables.  I wanted to create a sort of customizable price/order form so essentially the author could edit prices and add items.  To do this I will be adding a hidden "edit" button that makes all fields (items and prices) open.  Another button, "save", would save the form, make these fields read only again AND hide all the buttons, including the ones in each repeatable row--theadd instance and remove instance buttons.  My problem is I can only get the first instance of the buttons to hide.  I found a 'for' loop but I cannot by the life of me get it to work.  Wondering what I am doing wrong?? Attached is the form with scripts that I have.  The "Save Form" button has the script to make the items read only and hide all the buttons on the form.  Any ideas?