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    migrating from fcp

    BabaG1 Level 1

      i may be migrating from fcp5 to premiere cs5. in the process i'll be upgrading the

      system to include prores since fcp5 does not come with it. i had been planning

      on staying with fcp until the fcpx fiasco. i was going to upgrade to fcp8 but there

      turned out to be no fcp8. oops. thanks, apple.


      anyway, the path that will be necessary, if i want to gain the prores capability i

      currently lack, is to upgrade to snow leopard, buy and install fcpx, then not use

      it. that will install the prores codec on the system.


      i'm working on an early mac pro. my question is: how does premiere work with

      prores material? i'm used to setting up a sequence in fcp based on various

      parameters such as codec, fps, aspect ratio, etc. is this what i'd do in premiere?

      if so, is there a prores preset for sequences, projects?


      since i don't yet have prores installed on this system it's a little hard to anticipate

      how things will be set up. i have cs5, been using it for after effects, but don't yet

      have prores on the system. any tips much appreciated.