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    pick list values - HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HandersonVA Level 1
      suppose the values from test01 query are "9,2,20,21,27,97,28,29,121,93,32"
      when i submit the form, the chosen values are differnt from what it was selected. what did i do wrong?

      In this part, <cfoutput query="test01">
      <option value="#test01.index_id#" <cfif form.colorname contains test01.index_id> selected="selected"</cfif> />#test01.colorname#

      I think this is not working since form.colorname has more than one value.
      I want to preserve the selected values when form is submitted. If there is one value selected which means form.colorname has one value, then there is no problem; however, if it contains more than one value, the pick list has unexpected values are selected. The selected values should be selected after sumitting the form.

      Anyone can correct me? I've been working this code for many hours, but i cannot think of way to correct it. I've tried list function, but it did not work for me.