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    How to add Author to Epub export file

    rigoliarts Level 1

      Working in InDesign CS5 on a Macbook Pro OS 10.6.8

      I'm creating my first Epub file from InDesign. When I export to epub and preview it in Adobe Digital editions it says "Author Unknown" in the Sidebar above where the Table of Contents is listed. How and where do I add the authors name so that it shows up in the navigation?


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          Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

          You add the book's title, the author's name and some other meta-data in the file info panel within InDesign: File > File info.

          You add the Publisher's name and the ISBN (or other identifier) in the Export to ePub "EPUB Export Options" General panel.


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            Hi Derek:

            I am trying to add title and author info to an epub file, veiwing in ADE, but since I am working with a series of InD6 files, and exporting through an INDB document, I tried adding the title and author metadata in the "file info" fields of my first document, but it did not work.  Do you have any idea where I might add this, as I have to send the epub file out with it;s eISBN as its filename.  So the author name and book title must be fed into ADE somehow.


            Also, when exporting the epub, there is the "EPUB Export Options" panel, which has a field for entering the publisher's name, but under that is a "unique ID" field.  Is this where one would enter the book's ISBN?



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              As far as I know there is no way to add metadata fields to the exported EPUB file directly from InDesign. To do this, I use a free program called Sigil. After exporting your ebook from InDesign, open it in Sigil and there you can add any number of metadata entries. You can also tweak the TOC labels and the contents of the file. Then just save the file.