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    Burning multiple videos to a read-only Blu-ray disc


      Steve or anyone else:


      Would you please help?


      I can burn to a Blu-ray disc directly from Premiere Elements 9 using an external Blu-ray drive, and I can see it through a Blu-ray DVD player, but once I put one video on a read-only Blu-ray disc, it "finalizes" and I can't add any more.


      I tried to save the video first my computer and tried to transfer several videos using the basic Roxio software that came with my Dell XPS computer (using Windows 7) to the Blu-ray disc, but it didn't work.  I could see the videos on my computer but not on a DVD player.


      Here are the questions:


      1)  Can I save a video to my computer from Premiere Elements 9 and then burn it to the Blu-ray disc?  Or, when I save it first to my computer, does it strip the video of its Blu-ray quality or features?


      2)  Or, does the video have to go directly to the Blu-ray external drive?  If it does, how do I put more than one video on a read-only Blu-ray disc before it finalizes.?


      Thanks for answering.