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    Warp Stabilizer error when using dynamic link


      Hey guys,


      So I'm very new to video editing, and not surprisingly, I'm running into problems.  I'm trying to use dynamic link to allow me to Warp Stabilize and color correct video clips in a Premiere Pro project.  When I try to apply the Warp Stabilizer (through dynamic link) in After Effects, I get this error message:


      After Effects error: Stabilization analysis doesn't work with Collapse Transformations (514)

      (25 :: 101)


      I read the only other thread on this which linked to the following page:



      Unfortunately, that didn't help me much.  Maybe the answer is in there somewhere, but if so, its way over my head.  Can anyone give me a simple explanation of why this doesn't work?  I feel like it should be a simple solution so I don't have to go through the process of importing into AE, render, export, import to Premeire Pro, and replace the clip there, blah blah.  This is what dynamic link is for, right??  Thanks for any advice you guys have!