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    flex project vs. mxml application


      im totally new to flex and actionscript, coming from traditional web app development. ive been watching videos on lynda.com and it has gone well, but one thing it fails to mention and that i couldnt find in the forums or on google is the difference between creating a flex project and an mxml applciation. what's the difference?



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          I don't know if you have  knowledge about java or C#.

          The project is a location where you collect all files that you need for your final application: mxml files, as filex, assets ....

          The mxml application is the mxml file that inherit mx:Application and is the main file of the project.

          Here is the start point of what you see in the browser.


          The red circle specify the project and the blue cicrle specify the mxml application.

          There is only one default mxml application in each project, but you can have many mxml files (that can be components) or mxml application that are applications.

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            kokorito Level 4

            Flex is the framework, think of it as a collection of components and classes


            mxml is just a way using the components. You can still use flex components with pure actionscript but mxml is an easier way to layout user interfaces

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