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    adl not working in Flash Builder 4.5


      When I debug or run an application in Flash Builkder 4.5, the adl does not work: it launches, but I see no content whatsoever, no adl window even, no errors ... nothing!!  This issue started after I upgraded from FB 4 to 4.5.


      I found someone else who had the exact same issue, and it appears they resolved with by remoiving the mm.cfg file:  http://forums.adobe.com/message/3899680#3899680


      When I went to look for mm.cfg, I did not find it in the library, but rather in my primary system user folder.   So I tried putting it in the trash, but adl still won't work.  I also tried putting mm.cfg into the library/Application Support/Macromedia, and adl still wont work.

      When I open mm.cfg (with TextMate), I see nothing, it appears blank.

      What to do?