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    Bug 10.5.9

    murali_kumar Level 1


      After Update Director 11.5.9. AS2 and AS3(Classic Text box ) cursor was Disappear.I use More Flash Text box in my project.

      Any Solution.

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          Yes, I just realized I have the same problem with the TextArea component's cursor disappearing. I've tried replacing the components with the ones from Flash CS5.5, but the problem remains.


          Between this and the issue I'm seeing with text randomly being selected/highlighted while scrolling inside the component, I think I'm going to have to find an alternative solution. If anyone can suggest a reliable alternative control that supports HTML formatting, please let me know.


          Thanks in advance!

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            Adam-C Level 2

            Two more bugs with Flash text components: They don't recognise carriage returns (not on Mac anyway), and they don't respond to copy and paste shorcuts.


            My solution would be (and is) to create a Flash sprite containing the text boxes, scrollers etc. that I need, and to send my text and/or HTML in to these from Director.


            You can address the embedded Flash text objects directly on the Flash sprite; for instance, if your embedded Flash SWF is in sprite channel 1 and contains a text box called myText_txt, then you can send text to it directly with:


            sprite(1).myText_txt.text = "Hello World"


            or send HTML with


            sprite(1).myText_txt.htmlText = "<p>Hello World</p>"


            It can be a bit cumbersome doing things this way, particularly when designing a page, but there are advantages too, not least being Flash's font embedding which is more accurate and more reliable than Director's. You can also take advantage of Flash's built-in components - selection lists with icons, combo boxes, trees, data-grids... I've had them all working within Director at one stage or other.


            The worst thing with this approach is Flash's hideous built-in scrollbars, but you can skin these without too much effort (instructions are in the Flash documentation somewhere), or you could create your own from scratch if you want a more of a challenge.

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              Cursor also disappears in TextInput boxes in flash objects embedded in Director.

              I brought in a CS3 Flash 9 AS2 swf into Director and all the TextInput boxes dont show cursor when clicked.

              They do take typed input but users don't type in anything because they think the box is broke since nothing happens when you click in it.

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                Necromanthus Level 2

                murali_kumar wrote:



                After Update Director 11.5.9. AS2 and AS3(Classic Text box ) cursor was Disappear.I use More Flash Text box in my project.

                Any Solution.


                It has been fixed in 11.6.1

                The current flash asset is

                Take it from the Shockwave Player 11 folder and overwrite the xtra (x32) in the Director 11 folder.

                That's all.



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                  saoudi Level 1

                  @ Necromanthus

                  But where is the Shockwave player folder?

                  I installed shochwave today then looked under C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Adobe\Shockwave 11\Xtras

                  It did not have the flash asset xtra. it has CBrowser,INetURL,Multiusr,Netfile,Netlingo, and speech xtras.

                  Am I looking in the wrong place?




                  I went back and chose different Shochwave install. Then I picked Windows, and full shockwave install for other browsers.

                  Now I have all the new xtras under C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Adobe\Shockwave 11\Xtras, and it worked like you said.


                  Thanks again.

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                    Hi guys,

                    seem to still have the same problem with CR inside textfield (focus cursor is ok), that's appear in shockwave suggestions?

                    please anybody could send me the previous Flash Xtra asset that work correctly? (I mean as Necromanthus said),

                    thanks a lot,

                    that problem make me crazy