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    My buttons dont show up after I have exported to interactive pdf!!!!! HELP


      Hi there,


      I am using cs5.5 indesign. I am creating an interactive document with simple buttons to move from page to page.


      They work fine in preview modes, but as soon as I export to pdf, they become invisible.


      Let me give you an example:

      1. I either create my own shape or use one of the sample buttons provided.

      2. I place text over the button along the lines of (click here to proceed)

      3. I convert to a button (if needs) sometimes i use sample buttons so that doesnt need

      4. I add a function (+ to next page)

      5. I set a rolloover state and normal state

      6. I preview it, it works fine

      7. I export to interactive pdf.

      8. The button is invisible!!!!!!!!


      Funnily enough, the additional text boxes that i sometimes place over the buttons are not invisible.......


      This is frustrating the hell out of me, i cannot find anywhere online that explains this. I have watched hours of interactive button videos and am convinced I am not doing anything wrong that they have told me.


      Please help if possible, I just want to have a simple next page button!!!!!!

      Thanks so much