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    Opinions on ADK "Adobe" computers


      I am going to start the transition to HD

      and while my Premeire Pro CS5.5 appeasr to be cruising along on my Dell XPS right now I keep hearing doom and gloom stories about doing HD on such a machine. so, I have been researching and came across the ADK folks and am looking at one of their purpose-built Adobe machines at the link below.




      I was wondering if anyone has experience with these computers.

      I will get the HD camera first and intend to try running it through the XPS machine so where might I see the lack of power first? As I said earlier, so far with the regular video it hums right along including with single clips that are well over 30 minutes long.

      Any thoughts would be appreciated. I HATE spending money twice but do enjoy buying new toys a bunch!

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          Jeff Bellune Level 6

          I've had an ADK purpose-built system for the last 3 years.  It's still humming along.  Dual quad-core Xeons, 16 GB of RAM in 4x 4 GB sticks, 2x 1 TB RAID0s, 1x 1 TB RAID5, 1x 500 GB Data drive and one 500 GB system drive.  That's a total of 9 Seagate Barracuda 7500 RPM hard drives inside the box.  The only problems I've had were a couple of bad Seagate drives that failed almost immediately, and memory chips that have been gradually failing one-by-one.  Because I chose the Xeons, the motherboard chipset (including RAM) runs very hot.  But there are plenty of cooling fans on the CPUs and in the case.  I had an underpowered UPS for a long time that may have contributed to the memory failures.  Seagate had a bad batch of drives around that time, and I ended up with a couple of them.  The other Seagate drives are still running well.


          Eric especially and ADK in general have been terrific at getting me (and  helping me get) RMA'd replacements, and providing me with really good  tech support overall.


          NB: I gave up waiting for replacement memory chips; SuperTalent was taking 2-3 weeks to turn around each RMA.  Eric told me that means they're repairing the chips and not sending me new ones.  I finally spent 400 bucks and replaced the lot with another brand.  Those have been running great for a couple of months now.



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            Dailey Pike Level 1

            I bought my computer from ADK in March of 2010.


            W7 64bit

            1TB OS

            2TB Scratch

            2TB Render



            24GB RAM


            Never a problem. Never had to call them for support.


            Until today.


            Nothing wrong with the computer. My Windows OS was corrupted and couldn't be updated because of my Internet Security software and Registry Fix software. Two hours on the phone with Microsoft and they couldn't fix it. THEY COULDN'T FIX THEIR OWN SYSTEM.


            Now, back to my call to ADK today for HELP. Within an hour, Eric was on the phone with me. He took over my system remotely and did every thing he could to fix the problem. We spent an hour on the phone and computer together. He confirmed my system was corrupted beyond repair. He then told me to save any files I had on my computer and tomorrow we'll (actually he will) reinstall my OS.


            What does this time and effort on the part of Eric and ADK cost me?




            Their computers come with lifetime support as part of the purchase.


            So not only do they build quality machines but they stand behind what they build.


            That's why I recommend ADK and will buy my next computer from them.


            Thanks Scott, Eric and Dave.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              This is a great story to confirm ADK is much, much better than any Dell, HP or other brand names. They really know their business, they deliver great support, both pre-sales and after-sales, and they have attractive pricing.


              Although I am one to build myself and have no personal experience with an ADK system, I will confirm that working with Eric, who shared his expertise with Bill and me in developing the PPBM5 benchmark test and interpreting the results, is very valuable.


              If you don't build yourself, go to ADK.

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                Scott Chichelli Level 3

                thanks so much Guys! but you are going to give Eric a bigger head than he already has

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                  newwoodworker Level 1

                  I have to admit that seeing everyone so up on one computer maker scares me a little! I've never seen that kind of unity on this kind of question. I am glad though that I apparently have found the right place the first time. My Dells have been rock solid and perform great but I am thinking that going to HD will push my XPS over rthe edge and I will be calling ADK before too long.

                  Thanks for all of the responses!

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                    Harm Millaard Level 7

                    You have to realize that companies like Dell and HP are 'box-shovers'. They sell large quantities of boxes, but can't advise you on the configuration you need for your specific purpose and to make matters worse, if you have figured out what you need, you will never find a standard Dell or HP configuration that meets those needs and they steal you blind on all options you want to add.


                    Then, when you have paid a huge, and I mean really huge, amount for the extras you need and you run into problems, you can only expect support on the hardware side, never on the software side or the interface between hardware and software.


                    Those are the areas where a custom builder distinguishes himself from the 'box-shovers' and ADK has gained a very good reputation in that area. Sure, there are other custom builders, like GuyGraphics, but often they are not as specialized in Adobe as ADK is, nor do they have the support reputation that ADK has deservedly earned.

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                      newwoodworker Level 1



                      I am totally sold on ADK. If my Dell doesn't grin through the whole HD thing I will run directly to the ADK site to fix that problem. (I know I will wind up with an ADK, I just have to put on a good front for the wife...."I tried, honest!")