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    Is it Possible to Prevent Overset Text ?


      Hell and thanks in advance,


      With CS 5.5 on a Mac, I am formatting a manuscript. I have made 300 pages; all the pages have a Master Frame.


      So far, the text fills up to page 212 -- after that the remaining pages are blank.

      (I know that the book will fill up to slightly less than 300 pages when I'm done adding things.)


      When I add text to -- or create a page break -- for exampe, to page 100, my Preflight Panel shows that there is now an error: overset text.


      Text from the top of page 212 (the last page)  has moved down to fill page 212, and the overset box appears on the bottom of page 212.


      My question is: Why doesn't the text just flow onto page 213 ?

      (instead of creating overset text).


      I have "Smart Reflow" checked, and also

      Add pages to End of Story is checked, and also

      Limit to Master Text Frames.


      Is it possible to set things up so that whenever I add text , the text flows onto the next empty page at the end -- instead of making overset text ?


      Thanks again !