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    Slow playback on Roku2 of MOV file after Adobe Premier Element Export

    wolkmeister Level 1

      I have video files from a flash camcorder that encodes as MOV files.  This plays back fine on Roku2 using Roksbox and also on Real Player.


      When I export a video file from Adobe Premiere Elements 4 the playback through Roksbox to Roku2 is horribly slow, with no audio.  The exported file from Adobe Premiere Elements plays fine on Real Player.


      I have tried a host of different setting in Adobe (H264 and MPEG4 encoders, frame size, max bit rate) all to no avail.  Perhaps I am missing a critical setting.  I think the problem is somewhere in Adobe Premiere because I have been successful in using Full Video Converter Free 9 program to produce MPG4 files and they have played back fine through Roksbox and Roku2.


      Any suggestions very appreciated.