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    Indesign CS5.5 shrinking photos on export to ePub


      I place photos sized to 622px high, 300 ppi (sized in Photoshop CS5) into a chapter.  I captioned the photo in Photoshop, so the captions are at 300ppi, too.  Then exported the book to ePub in Indesign.


      On looking at the chapter in Adobe Digital Editions, Calibre and downloaded onto my Nook, the photo is tiny and the captions look terrible - as though they were enlarged greatly.  Looking at the ePub file in Sigil, I see that the file has actually been reduced in size to 436 pixels high.


      It does this whether exported as a relative size image or as a fixed size image.  How do I get the images to display at the size that I want?  Before I used Indesign, when I just wrote code, a 622px image filled the screen of both the Nook and the Kindle. What is Indesign doing?