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    FireFox unable to open pdf


      FF for Win 7 protests when I try to open a pdf on a web page. I've tried several pdfs. It complains that it cannot do so because a reader is running. I doubt that one is open. I have reader 8 pro and freebies reader 9.0. Both can open a pdf independently of FF. Comments?

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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          For starters you should upgrade to Reader X if you're on Windows 7.


          You don't say what version of Firefox you're using, but as of today, the plugin for Adobe Reader X and Adobe Acrobat X works with Firefox 5.01 or earlier. Due to Mozilla's strange decision to issue a new major version every couple of weeks, it's almost impossible for plugins which ship as part of a larger product to keep up, so the Acrobat X Family won't install on FF6 - this should be rectified soon, but by then Mozilla will probably be on FF7 or 8!

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            meteorguy Level 1

            You may be right about going to X. Pro 8s only use by me is to convert Word, websites, and few other sources to pdf files.  Very occasionally I've modified someone's pdf. An upgrade is $200. I think it's time to go off to the freebie PDF-XChange.

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              meteorguy Level 1

              I would imagine I could turn-off 8 and allow the basic reader 9 dispaly pdf files on the web?


              BTW, it's hard not to be up-to-date with TBird and FF.  I think I get updated every 4-7 days!  I'm on FF 6.01, I think.

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                meteorguy Level 1

                I looked at the assocation of the pdf format and it shows 9.3, but my simple reader is 9.4.5. Is there some other file type used for the web? pdfxml? 9.3 and 8.3 sound suspiciously alike. Even pdfxml points to 9.3. Prog Features install shows both pdf and pdfxml associated with 9.3.

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                  Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                  Adobe Acrobat 8 is not supported on Windows 7, so it's not surprising to find issues.


                  My advice is to remove Adobe Reader 9 completely, and install the free Adobe Reader X software, making it the default application to open PDF files. If you need to use Adobe Acrobat you can continue with version 8 and hope it works, or purchase Adobe Acrobat X (which is fully-certified for Windows 7).


                  As of today, the Extension for Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader will not work with Firefox 6. Every time Mozilla updates their software, vendors must rebuild their codes, as Mozilla's installer for extensions insists on a version-compatibility check; even if the XPI code itself will run, it is blocked if it's not specifically tagged for the browser version in use (because Mozilla's rules for inclusion in the extension catalog require that a tagged version must have been tested against the maxVersion number, we can't simply say "maxVersion = 9999").


                  The browser plugin still works just fine, so PDF files can be viewed in Firefox 6 using either Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader X - what is missing is the toolbar for creating PDF files of the current page. You can achieve the same thing from within Acrobat X Pro via the Create > PDF from Web Page tool.


                  Adobe releases updates for the Acrobat Family approximately every quarter, and it is totally unrealistic to expect that frequency to increase. The plugin still works, users can view PDF files within Firefox as they could before, but pushing an update to every Adobe Reader and Acrobat user simply to replace the XPI file will cause no end of complaints from enterprise administrators. All the leading vendors are in the same position - including Google, Microsoft and Real Networks - their plugins are working but their extensions are blocked. Users can hack the XPI file to fake the header tag, but the vendors cannot.

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                    meteorguy Level 1

                    What a tangled tale! I guess some of this is about stopping hackers?


                    Moving to X was the ticket. Thanks very much.


                    X? I guess that's Adobe math. It seems as a few other products are using X. I guess two digits are just too much for them. :-)


                    It seems like regular auto-installs are part of the landscape these days. One of my least favorite is HP updates and regular maintenance checking on my PC. When I got up this morning they were at it again with a hardware check only 20 minutes from activation. Arghhh!  From what I could tell in my sleepy daze was that it was supposed to take place Wednesday. Time to call them again. I have support for another four months.