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    How to Open an After Effects file in FLASH Professional


      Simple, right!? Well, I beleive I have now read and watched every Adobe and Lynda.com written and video tutorial on what is touted to be the ease with which one can export an After Effects file in various forms (FLA, F4V, XFL) to one's local hard drive and then subsequently open it in FLASH Professional, then save it as an FLA file and then live happily ever after...NOT! (remember that?)  I have now probably spent a solid 15 hours on this over the last two days doing nothing other then trying to perform this supposedly "dead simple" task.  No matter what my render output settings, despite following text outlines and video's like a cook book repeatedly to the letter, when I go to open the verious files in FLASH Professional I always get the exact same message "The XFL file could not be opened".  This has even happened when I did nothing more than make a new composition in After Effects CS5, import a single .jpg photo, drag it to the time line, render it, export it to file via FILE>EXPORT>Adobe Flash Professional (XFL)..., switch to FLASH Professional CS5 and attempt to open it via FILE>OPEN>XXXXX.xfl from my hard drive where I had just saved it from Ae.  I am bettiing I am one button click, one check box off the mark from what I should be doing but I am now about to commit suicide in frustration.  I am now turning to Adobe Forum to keep me from this fate.  Any help would be appreciated.