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    epub does not show in Nook "library" view


      I have successfully loaded library ebooks (Overdrive) to my Nook, very easy.  I cannot get epubs from Project Gutenberg into my Nook.  The book shows in the "Reading" view but does not show in the "Library" view.  I cannot transfer to the Nook as it does not show up. When I return to "Reading" view the book is lost altogether.

      Thanks for any suggestions!

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          The book is not lost.  This situation is caused by your choice for download

          when you're getting an ebook from Gutenberg.  You should choose 'SAVE', not

          'OPEN'.  If you choose OPEN, ADE thinks you want to read the book.  When it

          appears in Reading View, it's physically on the computer, but has not been

          put into the Library.


          You can add the book to the Library by opening ADE in Library mode.  Next to

          the word 'Library' is a small arrow.  Put your cursor on that arrow, and a

          drop-down menu will appear with the choice 'Add Item To Library'.  Click on

          this entry, and a screen will appear allowing you to find the book you want

          to add.  When you've found it (usually in the Digital.Editions folder),

          click on its name, then click OK and the item will be added.  You can check

          on it by refreshing the Library screen using the F5 key on your PC.


          Next, you said the Nook doesn't show up in ADE.  That could be from a couple

          of causes - both dealing with the process to get ADE to recognize the Nook.

          The first step is registering the Nook on the B&N website.  When you do

          this, use your Adobe ID and password - it will make things much easier

          later.  The next step is to attach the Nook to your PC.  Plug in the Nook to

          a USB port and make sure that Windows sees it - usually as a hard drive.

          Once it does, then start ADE.  After ADE opens, you should see the Nook in

          the bookshelf section (left panel) of the Library view.  Locate a book you

          want to load to it.  Then, you can drag and drop the book to your Nook.

          While this sounds easy, it's the order of steps that is needed - if you do

          it differently, it might not work.


          Once you've done all the transfers you want, shut down ADE but leave the

          Nook connected.  It will do some synchronization, adding the new material to

          its own internal indexes.  When it tells you it's done, then eject it from

          your PC logically either by choosing 'Eject' from the My Computer menu or

          'Safely Remove Hardware' from the Start bar's icon in the lower right hand

          corner of your display.


          This is a pretty high level description and if you have more questions, just

          post them.  Hope this helps!