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    CS5.5 problems saving/syncing documents in book


      I have documents created in CS5 that I imported into a new CS5.5 book. Every time I try to save anything (spelling, trivial stuff) in one of these documents, the open and file dialogue box opens (I am on a Mac with OS 10.6.7) and it asks if I want to replace the existing document i.e. the one I am currently working on (from within the book) rather than just saving my changes.


      I also set new export options in the document that holds all the styles for the book and tried to sync the book. Does not work. It says it is syncing, but the new export options are not there. At the end it asks (again in the open and save dialogue box) if I want to save that document. If I do, it overwrites the one that I made the changes in - without the changes.


      In CS5, none of these dialogue boxes opened and things synced. At first I thought it was the program updating the CS5 documents to CS5.5, but that's happened and I am still getting this weird save behavior and am unable to sync new option settings in the book. What am I missing?

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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          I believe the book code expects all the documents in the book to be CS5.5 documents rather than CS5 documents. Have you (after making backup copies!) saved all constituent book documents as CS5.5 documents?

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            clstudios Level 1

            Thanks for your prompt reply. I went to my backup, made a new set of

            documents  and redid the whole conversion process as I could see that some

            docs in my new 5.5 book had different "date modified" times and a couple

            might not have been modified to CS5.5, although the others had. I opened all

            the new copies within the book, saved/updated them to 5.5 and now everything



            The Adobe TV videos on using this new version for eBooks are helpful, but

            there are some pieces that are there only if you pay attention. For example,

            the presenter opens one file in Barebones BBEdit and in another mentions

            Calibre. Without those two additional pieces of software, it would be

            difficult to figure out why and what works with InDesign's eBook tools and

            to modify the result. I am used to working with html, but if you are not, it

            would be difficult to do eBooks with the current version of InDesign. Partly

            that is because the various flavors of eBook devices use only fairly simple

            html and the viewing areas are small.


            The scribes who made those lovely, hand-lettered and illustrated books must

            have felt the same way when movable type came along. Those first typeset

            books looked clunky by comparison. It was only when offset came along, that

            illustrations and complex layouts came into their own. And now we are back

            to single columns, etc - but much cheaper, easier, wider distribution - the

            same advantages as letterpress had  over calligraphic books. A frustrating,

            exciting time.

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              John Hawkinson Level 5

              Glad that worked for you.

              I realize I may have been unclear -- doing that by hand should not have been necessary. I don't work much with books, but my understanding is that InDesign offers to convert the files for you. So I'm not sure went wrong, but at least you have a workaround.