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    Deleting clip in multiple pages


      A friend of mine messed with an original document of mine using Infix without making a copy of it. Basically, I now have the document with right side ends of all the text boxes on all the pages clipped to some extent thereby hiding some words partially/completely. It is possible to select Object tool in Acrobat, then press Ctrl+A to select all objects of that page, right-click on the selected portion and hit 'Delete clip'. This makes the text visible again. The page size can be increased easily using 'Crop pages' if it's going beyong the page margin. Here is the real problem: The document has 2500+ pages and I would definitely end up with carpal tunnel syndrome if I manually did it for every page.


      I have no idea about scripting or any javascripts. But I think it is very likely that this can be achieved using a simple java script as all we need to do is select all objects in the PDF (all pages at once or process one page after the other if that is not possible) and choose to 'Delete clip' (appears when you right-click on the selection). Will any of you experts please spare some time and help me out with this using your scripting knowledge? Please...!


      It could also help many others. I noticed quite a few people searching for the same, but I didn't see a workable solution for a multi-pdf. Here is all that I have tried that did NOT work:

      1. I tried zooming out to see if that would help me select objects in the next pages too.

      2. I checked to see if there were any actions or preflight profiles that do this task.

      3. I read on another topic that there is an option to select all 'Clipping masks' in Illustrator which can then be deleted or released. I downloaded a 1.3GB trial version of it only to realize that it only opens one page at a time (unless there is some other way that I missed - this is the first time I tried to use Illustrator)

      4. Searched for any plug-ins that can accomplish this, but found mostly ones that only resize pages or scale content.

      5. Read Acrobat and Illustrator help

      6. Numerous searches till I got sick of looking at the computer.


      I always thought Google was my best friend. But the friend wasted my entire evening today