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    CS5 doesn't offer basic audio functionality (playback stops on page turn)

    Martin S... Level 1

      I would like to place a sound file and in the exported pdf have the sound file play (via button or playback toolbar), without stopping on page turn. To me, this is a very basic function to ask for. But guess what? CS5 can't do it. Turn the page and the sound stops. Is a workaround converting the sound to a video file? Possibly, but any converted file (to avi or mp4 containers for example) gets an error message when I tried to place it. My question is, can anyone make this basic function work? If not, my second question is, where would I go to submit this issue to developers. Also, I understand it's possible to address this issue on acrobat, but this is not feasible when we're talking about hundreds of audio files in a document.