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    Saving responses in captivate

    d2son Level 1
      Hi - I am thinking about using Captivate to develop my course and have downloaded a trial copy. However I wonder if anyone can help me with assessments? My aim is for course participant to save their answers so that when they log in again they can see which parts of the course they have completed and see their answers. I am also wondering if it is possible for the tutor to view the participants essay style answers?

      Any help would really be appreciated.

      Thanks D2Son
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          chopper523 Level 1

          I'm fairly new to Captivate myself (under a year). But I don't think this will be a function of Captivate but rather the function of a Learning Management System (LMS). We currently don't run an LMS; that is on next year's budget hopefully. If there is a problem with users not having enough time to sit down and complete a whole module, you may need to think about chopping it up into smaller sections that can be completed in one sitting. Maybe have one module that is all the learning content and then a separate module that is the quiz. You can link these modules together for the user who does have time to complete them all; to them it will appear that the modules are all the same one but you will know that they are actually separate. We post all of our modules on our internal Wiki; if you do something similar you could have all you links on one page (like a Table of Contents) and users could go and complete each small section as they have time and keep track on their own where they are at. If you have more questions, please post them. Captivate has been wonderful for us to diversify our training styles and approaches. I would definitely recommend it. Good Luck!