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    Premier Pro from MC5.5 Not Loading


      Good Day.

      This is my first time here.  I've Searched everywhere I can figure out (this site isn't easy for a simple brain like mine) and can't find anyone with a similar problem to mine.  Very odd.  Well, not at least using the Search perameters I entered...


      First, I gotta say, PremierPro has been working very nicely (I'm a new user).  No problems, no worries.

      Then, for some reason, today PP decides it doesn't want to load.  The "bow tie/box/splash screen" pops up and you can see PP is loading some stuff.  Then that little box just pops away and that's all she wrote.
      AE opens, PS opens, AI opens, SB opens.  It's JUST PP.

      So I reinstalled PP from the original disks, but that didn't help.

      Then I Uninstalled everything and re-installed.  Still no luck.


      So weird that this problem just popped up.  Maybe a Win7 64 Update kabashed me?