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    Unable to add app to iPhone

    Sinister Design

      So, I've gone through the whole rigamarole of creating a provisioning profile and P12 developer key, I've exported the app as an .ipa file, and I've added the .ipa file to my iTunes Library. It shows up there under "Apps."


      However, the app does not appear on the iPhone: not even if I Sync the thing through iTunes. Double-clicking the app in iTunes does nothing. Right-clicking yields only the options "Get Info," "Show in Windows Explorer" and "Delete." If I attempt to drag it onto the iPhone, the mouse cursor changes to a cancel symbol.


      I am using the latest version of iTunes, and my iPhone is running the latest version of iOS (4.2.1). I don't know what's going on, but it's driving me nuts. Does anyone know why I can't put this thing on my iPhone?