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    Previous EPUB books protected after using ADE


      My husband has a Sony eReader and he purchased books from Kobo, downloaded with no problem.  I purchased a few books from CBD.com which uses ADE to download and now his books are protected and we are unable to open.  When he tried re-installing the books again he got an error message that they are registered to a different user.  He attempted to download the books from his KOBO account again and gets the same message.


      We've called Sony and they say it's not their problem since the books weren't purchased through them.  We contacted Kobo and they're saying they need to issue a new license but it's been a week and nothing's been done on the ticket. 


      Does anyone have any ideas why this happened and how we can prevent it in the future besides only purchasing books from the same place?

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          There's not a straighforward answer to your question.  Let me make some



          When your husband purchased his ebooks, they were downloaded with certain

          digital rights that were set by the publisher and the reseller.  Those

          rights may have restricted the use of those ebooks to one download to one

          machine.  That is probably the reason why your husband can't download them

          again.  One purchase = one download.....  However, those digital rights

          normally do not prohibit opening and reading the ebooks more than once after

          they have been downloaded.  After all, you did buy the ebook, not the right

          to read it once.


          Each reseller/source on the Internet can have different rules about the use

          of their ebook downloads.  I am sure that downloading ebooks from two

          sources should not result in denial of access to previously-downloaded

          ebooks from another source, so I'm confused as to why your husband is having

          a problem.  Nothing that a different source does should affect what's been

          done by any other source.


          If you can get more information, then you can talk with others about what

          the problem really is and what they can do about it.  Your husband should

          take a look at the digital rights and status information about the ebooks

          that aren't accessible and write it down.  You do that in ADE by going to

          the title of the ebook and pausing your cursor on it.  A small arrow will

          appear next to the title or cover.  Put the cursor on that arrow, and a

          drop-down menu will appear.  Pick 'Item Info' from that menu, and you'll see

          a display of the ebooks information.  The middle section will tell you about

          digital rights.  If they are restrictive, it will show there.


          Fixing the problem.....  Deleting and reinstalling ADE won't help.  It's not

          SONY's problem either.  KOBO can issue another license and when you download

          them again, they "should" work.  Tell them what digital rights are showing

          for the ebooks in question, so they can cross-check with those that they

          know are assigned to the ebooks.


          Hope this helps!