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    Best way to set up Eclipse + Flex 4.5 SDK?

    sneakyimp Level 2

      I have followed this tutorial to set up Eclipse with the Flex 4.5 SDK. It leaves a lot to be desired.  In particular:

      * Setup is a pain and requires many steps

      * There doesn't appear to be any source code highlighting for MXML

      * There does not appear to be any AS3-specific code completion or code highlighting

      * Not much help from autocomplete.


      Does anyone know of a better setup scheme for Eclipse?  If not, short of shelling out a few hundred bucks for the Adobe Flex IDE, does anyone have a really cool development environment set up for Flex 4.5 SDK?

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          Sathyamoorthi Level 2

          use flasdevelope




          it has all you need

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            Ansury Level 3

            I know this isn't the answer you're looking for, but I don't get why developers are so cheap that so many aren't willing to spend anything on tools that they likely use for hours a day almost every day. If a core productivity tool isn't worth buying, what is?  It's not like IT professionals are so poor they can't afford to spend a few hundred on decent software to do their job. Look at photography and graphic artist people over in the Photoshop forums - Photoshop-like tools are at least as (if not more) expensive than Flash Builder, and people in IT are probably earning MORE money than you do in that industry. What gives?


            I mean, some devs aren't willing to spend a dime on commercial tools and so on, but then they get all upset when Adobe decides to stop or cut back on paying developers to maintain and develop stuff they've been given for free. Are most developers communists or something?


            Anyway... if you're a student, I assume you can still get a Flash Builder license for free or at least at a very reduced cost.

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              Zolotoj Level 3

              Have you even run into problems with FB? Were able to fix these issues? Can share some of your experience?

              I can. I have done everything possibly I could think of, and cannot get FB 4.6 working without problems. I have reinstalled FB many times, Java VM, nothing helps.

              Yes, we do have a very large system, however still would expect FB working. BTW, played with a small test project for a week. Not a single issue.

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                sneakyimp Level 2

                Ansury, please give it a rest.  I own the Adobe CS4 Master Collection which, baffingly, does not include Flash Builder of any stripe.  I bought FB 3 and it doesn't have the mobile dev features.  For you to come in and say "just buy it you losers" is more than a bit like Marie Antoinette saying "let them eat cake" -- at least for some of us.  It's not a dime, it's $700.  And for me it's not a 'core productivity tool,' it is rather a bit of exploration to expand my coding repertoire. Furthermore, XCode, the Android SDK, and PhoneGap are all free so there is always the alluring option to get into mobile phone development in some other fashion. Lastly, I'm quite attached to Eclipse and its open source ethos and extensibility so that was the point of the original post.  To get berated for being poor is not.


                All that said, I did try the trial version of FB 4.5 and it is built on Eclipse but also has some other really nice features.  I really loved the built-in-upload-via-ssh capability in particular. The code autocompletion seems fairly comprehensive.

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                  Ansury Level 3

                  Give what a rest? It was one post, and I didn't say anything about losers or imply anything of the sort.  I called Java developers making 80k+/yr cheap.  FB doesn't cost $700 though, it's $250 for standard which is all most people need.  Premium adds a few nice things but once you need that stuff, chances are your employer's paying for the IDE anyway. 


                  I think your IDE is absolutely your core productivity tool...what tool is more "core" than an IDE doing development?  (besides a compiler, but they're pretty much always free)


                  Besides the above wasn't directed at you, it's directed at Java developers who I know make quite a bit of money and can easily afford such an expense. If you're not in that category, ignore my sentiment completely. Anyone in that category who still refuses to buy such a tool is a cheapo and/or a socialist. lol