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    Custom localization unable to open dcradSwcs


      I've added some custom locales: fr_FR de_DE nl_NL with the copylocale (set the java_home etc)

      Added the compiler options: -locale en_US de_DE nl_NL fr_FR -source-path+=../locales/{locale} -allow-source-path-overlap=true


      All works well untill I wanna start using data services then I start getting when I try to run the application I compile/get the error he doesn't find: "Unable to open 'c:\Program Files(x86)\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4.5\eclipse\plugins\com.adboe.flexbuilder.project.nl1_4.5.1.313231\nl\en_US nl_BE fr_BE de_DE\dcradSwcs\4.5\locale'"


      I know there are 6 default supported languages in Flash Builder 4


      But is there any way to add this support? I thought the copylocale would do the job but apparently it didn't... I really hope I'm not the only one experiencing this issue/problem/bug...


      PS: my environment: Windows 7 64bit, Flash Builder for PHP 4.5.1


      Now already stuck for some time.... :-(

      Is there anybody out there please....