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    CS5.5 Premiere Pro & After Effects launch in one user profile but not the other


      I’m having two issues. One with AE getting hung up on loading the MediaCore and the other with Premiere Loading the ExpoerterQuickTime.bundle I’ve looked and looked for solutions and haven’t found any with my problem.


      I’m running a Mid-2010 MBP 8GB RAM with Lion and CS5.5 I’ve done a uninstall and reinstalled and still same problem. It works on other user profiles on my computer but not mine and that’s the one with all the content! Any help?


      I launched AE with Alt+Command+Shift down which reset my preferences and whatnot but then it gave me a warning about the MediaCore and let me continue but now it's hung up on the the user interface. I don't know what to do. Any help from anybody would be greatly appreciated!!!





      Loggin in as the Super Admin User worked for Premiere for whatever reason which is awesome! Thanks!


      However After Effects is still looking for that MediaCore. And now Media Encoder isn't working. (Not that I really use it but if it doesn't work the issue might be somewhere else. Again. I tried all of these in the Super User account and the other normal account and they worked fine. Just not here in mine. Any ideas for that?


      I don't have any firewalls up, It's all wide open. And I tried the second option there of removing all of the quicktime plugins in the Quicktime folder but it still gets hung up on the MediaCore.


      I went into the super user and edited a AE project then came out and open the project instead of the dock icon and it went on and gave me the quicktime isn't installed bit and something might not work properly. But from playing around in it I've not seen anything different. This is an extrememly frustrating situation. I can get both programs open now but it's all janky and isn't working properly. I consider Premier to be a done deal, it's got no issues. I just need to figure out this mediacore business.


      Original Post from the Premier Forum, thought I'd get better luck here in the AE one. Thank you for any help!