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    whole exernal cast.load when one member call

      i m using extranal cast ..
      external cast has my application designning stuff like jpg,swf etc and my all script in the internal cast
      i want to know when i m using external cast then external cast effect processing speed means to read data. as compare to internal cast
      if i include all applicaiton stuff in the internal cast then the size of applicaiton will incrase..
      i want to know how the external cast member access in the director .i want to know about speed, size .

      --whjole cast member loaded when one cast member call from external cast in the projector
      tell wbaou this plz

      u know i made button by using film loop then it will not run good in the slower system (ram 256)
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          Are you using an external cast library or linking cast members to external files?

          For an external cast library - this is often used when you have multiple movies
          that have shared content to avoid duplicating content across movies. The external
          cast library loads with the movie and so there should be no speed differences
          between an internal cast and external one.

          For externally linked files. These may take a bit longer to load intitially. The
          files will be loaded when needed by default. If you wnat, you can preload external
          members so you have a longer wait at the beginning rather than when you get to
          that section.
          But the above are very general guidelines. It depends on the way you manage your
          fiels - eg load then in small groups or all at once, how big each external file

          Hope that helps.


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