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    Blocking / obstructing clickable area

    kid electric

      From the title, you'd probably think I am facing a difficulty where some element is blocking another, such as a non-clickable image being absolute-positioned right over top of a button.


      However, it is the opposite: I am wondering if it is possible to intentionally block a clickable area by placing some sort of other element (perhaps a clickable element that does nothing when you click it) over top.  How does the stack work when you add elements -- is the last element added the "top" one in the view?  And, if so, does its clickable properties take precedence over any clickable items underneath of it?


      I'm specificallty trying to set some sort of "non-clickable" invisible blocker overlay on top of a normally-clickable area, in order to prevent clicking it until a certain condition has been met (in this case, I can't simply turn on or off a "clickable" property for that element...)