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    This File has too many audio channels


           Hi I just got Adobe Premier Elements and I tried to import a .mov file that I recorded with iShowU but when I clicked on import media from files and folders and selected my file it told me that there was an error "This file has too many audio channels" any ideas on how to fix this or what I'm doing wrong?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You are apparently running version 9 on a Mac, right? These types of details can be important to include.


          It's quite likely the iShowU uses MOV codecs that are not compatible with Premiere Elements. There are a very narrow range of codecs that will work well with this program, since it is designed to interface almost exclusively with camcorder video. (The Pro version can handle a wider range of files -- but at a much higher cost.)


          The smartest solution would be to pick up a copy of Quicktime Pro from Apple.com ($29). This program can convert almost any MOV into an HDV-quality MPEG (for high-def) or a DV-AVI (for standard definition video). In fact, the program is also a basic editor, and you may find that it may meet most of your basic editing needs.


          But it's unlikely you'll be able to successfully edit iShowU video in Premiere Elements (or even iMovie, for that matter).

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            sdoconnell92 Level 1

            Hey thanks for the input, I actually did figure out what the problem was, iShowU was recording to separate stereo tracks, one for system audio and one for Microphone audio.  I was able to set it up instead so that it only recorded 2 mono tracks which premiere was fine with.  So thanks for the help.