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    epub library books suddenly don't show on Nook


      Recently upgraded my imac to Snow Leopard (I know I'm one gen behind on purpose). Just downloaded some books from my local library. They showed up fine. Nook showed up and I dragged them to Nook library. Only problem is they're don't show up on my Nook. Admittedly I haven't used it since June, but all was fine then. Thinking that it might have something to do with Snow Leopard install, I dragged ADE to trash and reinstalled. Didn't act like a new install when I opened it. Everything was there as before (all expired library books I'd checked out in the past and the two I checked out tonight. Again, the Nook showed up fine, the books are in the ADE Nook folder, but not on the Nook. Leaving for 3 weeks camping in the U.P. tomorrow and would love to read the books I checked out. Can anyone help. What in the world is wrong. (FYI, I also found info on the Nook forum about deleting the Nook's ADE file and reauthorizing. Got no reauthorization screen. Once or twice when clicking on a book I got a message that said it was authorized to another computer (I think). Couldn't get it to come up again so I'm not sure. Very frustrating. Any help appreciated. Thanks.