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    pre-populated text fields?

      i have been working on an interactive ordering process that works like this:

      i have 32 objects and each object has 3 dynamic text fields that will be populated with numeric values depending on what is clicked

      this code is working fine when i work with the first object, however when I want to choose another object, or 2 or 3 or 4 more objects, each of the dynamic values for each succeeding object already gets pre-populated with the info that comes from the first object

      is there a statement that i can put into the code that will allow the dynamic text fields for any succeeding object to be reset to an empty value?
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          Can we see what you're doing now? Its hard to prescribe fix for
          something when you don't know what that is.

          My first guess is that you are using a reference for these text spaces
          that is dependent on what is chosen, and that something is wrong with
          that reference.
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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            assign the text property to "".
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              Suki_K Level 1
              hi kglad -- thx much for your feedback

              might i add that this project was abandonded last year and I was given the lovely duty of trying to figure out the existing code and finish it up (ugh -- especially when i am not as fluent as the last programmer)

              all morning i've been trying to reset the text property to "" just as naturally concluded and as you have indicated, but to no avail. i'm guessing that i may not be attaching this correctly so allow me to go into further detail:

              this code sets off the object that is chosen and traces it from that point on and then allows the user to browse through product selections in another .swf:

              on (release) {
              activeTooth = 16;
              setProperty("_root.hi-lite1", _visible, false);
              setProperty("_root.hi-lite2", _visible, false);
              setProperty("_root.hi-lite3", _visible, false);
              setProperty("_root.hi-lite4", _visible, false);
              setProperty("_root.hi-lite5", _visible, false);
              setProperty("_root.hi-lite6", _visible, false);
              setProperty("_root.hi-lite7", _visible, false);
              setProperty("_root.hi-lite8", _visible, false);
              setProperty("_root.hi-lite9", _visible, false);
              setProperty("_root.hi-lite10", _visible, false);
              setProperty("_root.hi-lite11", _visible, false);
              setProperty("_root.hi-lite12", _visible, false);
              setProperty("_root.hi-lite13", _visible, false);
              setProperty("_root.hi-lite14", _visible, false);
              setProperty("_root.hi-lite15", _visible, false);
              setProperty("_root.hi-lite16", _visible, false);
              table = "TableUpper.swf";
              loadMovieNum(table, 5);

              after the user selects what they want, this code, which is attached to a button, adds the text (which is the product number) into a text field into another .swf file:

              on (release) {
              _level0.implantSelected = currentlySelected;

              then there is further actionscripting that allows the user to "click" on that text via an invisible button so that further accessories can be chosen from a number of other .swf's.
              after that point in the ordering process, the user should be able to choose the next object and start the process all over again, while still retaining the original selections for the first object.

              i would guess that assigning the text property to "" would be somehow be attached to each object within that first chunk of code? or do i add it to the timeline?

              i'm not sure what i am missing here
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                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                i have no idea where the code that assigns text to your textfields is located.