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      I have a video player and a plugin that listen all the events from that video player

      with VOD is working good, but once I want to run a rtmp, I can´t do run that plugin, why?

      The rtmp address for example is :


      the plroblem is that I can´t listen the events

      I get this error message:

      TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.



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          Silviu Vergoti Adobe Employee

          Hi Alex,


          I can't tell without tracing through the code.


          I hope the next questions will help you pinpoint the solution:


          - Are other traits loaded / not loaded / available when you start your listeners?

          - are all the events available?

          - do you listen on events from mediaplayer or individual traits?

          - do you use proxy elements or complex (serial, parallel) elements?

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            Alex_Birchler Level 1


            thanks for answer


            when I am using video with http format I can lisent every event
            I need to get video name, for example, bitrate and other events that I can listen from http video


            this is my code:
            from player:
            I am using SMP player
            from plugin:
            public function CDNPluginInfo()
                        trace("CDNPluginInfo <------ 05 sep" );
                        var items:Vector.<MediaFactoryItem> = new Vector.<MediaFactoryItem>();
                        var item:MediaFactoryItem = new MediaFactoryItem
                        super(items, creationNotificationFunction);

                    private function canHandleResourceFunction(resource:MediaResourceBase):Boolean

                        return true;

                    private function mediaElementCreationFunction():MediaElement
                        return new VideoElement();
                    public function creationNotificationFunction(media:MediaElement):void
                        ObtenerDataSMP(media); //here we begin

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              Alex_Birchler Level 1

              I found the problem
              and fixed it


              now I have another question
              How can I get the bitrate from a rtmp file?