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    6.5 not recognising Hasselblad .fff files


      Hi There,


      Is anybody else having any experiences with the ACR or Lightroom not recognising the Hasselblad .FFF files?


      I'm experiencing problems with Camera RAW not recognising a .fff files shot in Multishot mode. I've spoken to to Hassleblad UK who have had success with opening and controlling a .fff file made in SS (single shot) mode, but they've as yet to try a Multishot camera.


      Am using a H3DII39MS (teathered), shooting multishot in Phocus 2.6.2 on Windows 7 x64.


      I've tried shooting in SS mode but this also isn't recognised.

      I've reinstalled the ACR update, it confirms a succesfful install but I still have no luck when trying to open a file


      I don't think I'm missing out anything glaringly obvious, but what have other to say with their experiences?