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    Partial views and automatic ('click-off') closure of popups




      I'm working on an RH9 WebHelp app with multiple user-invoked popups, and I'm having some hair-pulling experiences with placement and interaction with the popup pages.


      Unlike IE, Firefox doesn't place the popup near to the point at which the user clicks to invoke the popup window. I believe this is an unfortunate feature in RH9 (that should have been tested before release, perhaps?) and something that will hopefully have generated a workaround or two out there. This partial view of popups is driving me and the users crazy, as many of them prefer to use Firefox for their browsing.


      Due in part to the issue raised above, clicking away from the popup automatically closes the popup window before the user wants to close it. They have to scroll down to read the remainder of a partly visible popup, which takes the focus away from the page, subsequentally closing it.


      I added a simple "click to close" snippet with image map to all of my popup pages, that closes the popup page (by linking to "#"), but that doesn't resolve the partly visible and - presumably - randomly placed popups in Firefox browsers.


      Hopefully, someone can tell me how to turn off the automatic closure when clicking away from the popup, so that I can allow for the user to close the popup when they want to.


      I've looked around, and I've ended up here in the hope that somebody will be able to suggest a solution to this annoying 'feature'.



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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          A couple of things.


          First, you mentioned using an Image map in a Snippet? Hopefully you aren't going to all that trouble. Hopefully you realize that you are able to make a simple image a link without resorting to an image map.


          Secondly, you may want to investigate using OverLib.


          Click here to visit the OverLib site


          Cheers... Rick



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            StronzoBoy Level 1



            Thanks for getting back to me so quickly; much appreciated.


            The "Close" image and text snippet is included in fifty or so similar topics, each one presenting the text and user responses of pre-recorded messages, which can be generated by the users' application. As I used just the one snippet and included it in each of the topics, I figured I have just the one place to update it, as necessary. I placed my own image as the hook for the link, as there isn't a convenient image in every topic. Is there any processing or other overhead in using a snippet, rather than a simple link, as you describe? I'm not a rookie, but far from a guru - this was one of my bright ideas, to put user docs online. For once, management listened to me, and now I'm the RoboHelp "expert". Glad I followed up though, as this is a nice product for the most part, and it opens up a few more doors for me in the wonderful world of contract tech writing.


            I'll definitely look into OverLib, as you suggest. I'm assuming the answer to my question on bypassing RH's reluctance to work with Firefox on positioning prompted this suggestion?


            Bit of a shame really. You spend countless hours trying to placate the IE gods on every other web site you put together, and for once, they get something right!


            Anyway, thanks again for the help.



            Colin Dart