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    Crashing on Render ... Trying to find right configuration.


      I'm running a dated computer..Intel core CPU - 2.40GHz with 4 Gigs of ram (3.5 get recognized). I'm running Adobe CS4 (dva: on WinXP. I've been trying to render this rather detailed 26 second intro. It generally get's 1/2 or 3/4 of the way through and stops and gives me an error. I've  tried this multiple times with different ram settings and multiprocessing with no luck. So I'm finally coming to you guys the experts for help.


      If I can't render this with this current setup, is there a way to package it all up on a DVD to get someone else to render it for me?


      Here's some screenshots of the errors, and the config setup I just tried. I tried multiprocessing too. I don't care if this takes 2 days to render, I just want it to finish properly.