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    Unable to specify folder in the workspace for the php project ??

    FM_Flame Level 1

      New Flex and PHP Project gives 3 options:

      - create new project in workspace -> can't specify folder here

      - create project at existing location -> tried but this doesn't work, I set my folder and give some error and it exists bla bla and I can't click next

      - create project on a local server -> still can't specify a folder here


      I am trying to organize my projects Flex and PHP like this:


      In the server root folder I have folder flex_projects. Inside of it I want to have my Flex and PHP Projects like this:

      MyProject1 folder -> FlexProject folder

                                   -> PHPProject folder

      MyProject2 folder -> FlexProject folder

                                   -> PHPProject folder


      It's that simple!!! I want to have all my files for a project (flex or php) in the same folder. Currenly I am unable to do that unless I create separate workspace for each project. So I can specify a folder for my flex project but I can't for my php project ??


      Is there currently a way I can achive that project structure I want or no ?


      Can anyone help ?