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      I am having a movie with on top of that movie in a corner a 'picture in picture' movie. This PIP movie is a cropped piece of another movie that follows a certain moving object.


      The challenge I have is that I don't want to make 100 anchor points for the moving object and for every anchor point change the crop and position values in order to 1) keep the exact same position and format of the PIP box and 2) follow the moving object in the middle of the PIP visible box.


      How can I easily do this? I'm sure there is an easy way, but just haven't found it yet on the forum!

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          joe bloe premiere Level 5

          From your description it is difficult to tell exactly your objective,

          but motion tracking using After Effects might be what you are looking for?


          Motion tracking overview and resources

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            susanjanssen6 Level 1

            thanks. from what I can see, It looks like motion tracking allows you to track a certain object and have objects (text, images, etc) follow the motion.


            It's not exactly what I'm looking for, although might be related. Its difficult to explain, but let me try again.


            1. I have my main movie

            2. I have a picture in picture inset in the top right corner

            3. Within the picture in picture inset I play another movie

            4. The movie inside the picture in picture inset frame has let's say a forest with a man walking there

            5. I don't want to show the forest or full man, I just want to zoom in on the head of the man and only show that inside my picture to picture frame

            6. It doesn't matter if the man moves from left to right in the bigger video, I would not see that as I only would see the man's head in my picture in picture frame


            I can do this manually by cropping and positioning every few frames as the man moves inside the movie, but that's a daytime job. I hope you get the picture now :-)

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              joe bloe premiere Level 5

              If you use After Effects to stabilize the motion of your "head of the man" clip,
              it will track the man's head it to a constant position that can then be cropped
              and positioned as you like (for your pip inset).


              Track or stabilize motion CS5

              Stabilize motion (CS5.5)


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                susanjanssen6 Level 1

                Thanks! I'll have a look and try!