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    Problem in managing embedded SWF with Presenter 7.07.7746

    Tugrul Tasci



      I have been working on how Adobe Presenter may be used in our e-learning project.


      My Configuration Info:


      Windows 7 Professional

      Flash CS4

      Powepoint 2010

      Presenter 7.07.7746 ( I upgraded today)

      Flash Player 10.3



      I made so many tests with Presenter 7.07. But the problem exists. The problem is:


      When I make simple swf animation including only a basic tween, it plays correctly with standalone player. When I embed the SWF into Powerpoint via Presenter's Insert SWF command and publish it plays correctly again. Unfortunately, when I check the Manage SWF command the published animation is seen choppy. I tried publishing with all versions of flash ( 6,7,8,9,10) and AS2, AS3. I could not find any solution to this problem. I will be very glad if anyone guides me on the solution of this problem.


      Thanks in advance,

      Tugrul TASCI

      Sakarya University Distance Education Center ( Turkey)