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    Several timeline technique questions

    RFendelman Level 1

      1) When you drag the end of a clip longer or shorter in the timeline, a little window pops up showing how many frames you're moving.

      Question: Is it possible to see the new lengh as you drag also or in addition?


      2) When you move a clip in the timeline up or down to a new track, is there a key stroke to lock it so it does not move left or right?


      3) How do I keep a clip on a lower layer from dissolving with the dissolve effect on the layer above it?


      4) My sequences are all set to 720x480 wide, but my title window is 720x480 standard.   Can I get the title window 'wide'?


      5) When I put a video clip on a different layer, the audio track stays on its same layer.   How can I get it to move to another layer automatically with the video clip move?


      Thanks for your help.


      iMac, Premiere Pro 5.5